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Edward Ball: Slaves In The Family

Modern day Americans have a love of genealogy and spend a great deal of time, energy and money pursuing what is an all out passion for our family histories. In the course of it, almost always, family secrets come tumbling out of time. In Edward Ball's case, the fact that his family owned slaves was hardly a secret. The Balls owned nearly four thousand people for over 150 years, on more than twenty plantations. Ball's family, far from forgetting or obscuring the fact, wore its slaveholding status proudly, passed stories of plantation slavery freely, deposited their business and personal papers in South Carolina archives for all the world to see.

Not spoken of, ever, was the blood kinship white Ball descendants shared with black ones.

(Excerpt from: "There's George")

Book Review: Slaves in the Family, by Edward Ball

New Jersey Loyalists: Staten Island NY to Nova Scotia

"We left New York on the last day of October, 1783. In the schooner Cherry Bounce, Captain John Gilchrist, master, and arrived at Port Roseway the 7th November, so called then, now Shelburne. The snow was about two feet deep; went up to the town, there were a number of houses building, but none finished; plenty of marquees, tents and sheds for the people to shelter under, which they greatly needed at that season of the year. It looked dismal enough. Called on some of our friends in their tents, Col. Van Buskirk and his wife and two young daughters in one; and his daughter Sarah, Lawyer Combauld's wife, and babe in another. I thought they did not look able to stand the coming winter, which proved a very hard one."

(Deborah Tooker Van Tuyl Smith describing her beginning exile in Nova Scotia)

New Jersey Loyalists: Staten Island NY to Nova Scotia

God's Quarter Acre: Old Clove Cemetery

*June 24 1827 - The present fence round the burying ground in the rear of the meeting house is very poor and not sufficient to keep the cattle from coming in and treading down the graves and doing other damage. Resolved that we put up a strip fence sufficiently close to keep all cattle &c and also that Deacon G. Fountain be a committee to carry this resolution into effect.

(From the Records of the First Baptist Church on Staten Island, New York)

God's Quarter Acre: Old Clove Cemetery

Rosalie Fellows Bailey: Pre-Revolutionary Dutch Houses and Families in Northern New Jersey and Southern New York

This is one of the richest regional background sources for genealogical research available. Bailey did a wonderful thing in preserving on paper the house histories of the areas mentioned in the title. Too many of these houses are forever gone. Just as wonderfully, she researched and wrote family histories of the people who owned and occupied the houses.

(Excerpt from Review: "Pre-Revolutionary Dutch Houses And Families")

Pre-Revolutionary Dutch Houses And Families

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Fallen headstone of Joseph Cruser and Anne Seawood Cruser. The abandoned Fountain Cemetery, West Brighton, Staten Island NY. February 2000. Photo by Janet Britton.

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