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Shady Lady Ghost Stories of (Mostly) New York and New Jersey
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Madam Murder: True Crime And Mysteries
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Doris Lane
Recommends Writers @

These are some of my favorite writers. Many of them are members of two writing groups I belong to: the Online Writers Syndicate and Starving Writers.

Krista Barrett

Daniel Chamberlain

Dave Corbitt

Christina Coruth

Gaye Dalton

Joe DeRouen

Debbi DeSisto

Laurie Edwards

Sheryl Flynn

Betty Fry

Ken Goldstein (13th Story)

Reba Griggs

Michele Guntern (Travel Notes)

Tom Hale

Beth Boswell Jacks

Betty Jiminez

Beverly Johnson (funny!)

Ken Jones

Jen Longshaw

Richard Mann

Patty May

Marlene McCarty

Emily Moorehead

Cheryl Paquin (Diarist)

Kathy Schaeffer

Anita Shelton

Raven SiJohn

Anne Watkins

Nancy Weaver

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Starving Writers

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