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A collection of useless information: trivia, facts and figures, famous anecdotes, figures in American history, stuff and nonsense.


. 1) In 1736 a major American city nearly burned to the ground. What city was it?

. 2) Who started the first volunteer fire department in America?

. 3) What was a horse-drawn steam pumper called?

. 4) What is the origin of the term "run" as in a fireman making a run to a fire?

. 5) What is the difference between a fireplug and a fire hydrant?

. 6) In 1840s New York City a rough gang of volunteer firemen were henchmen for Tammany Hall politics. What was their name that became famous when it was used for a different gang?

(Excerpt from American Miscellany: Fire)

American Miscellany: Fire

Religion: Quakers, Shakers, and Other Holy Rollers

. 1) In 1774 religious leader Ann Lee emigrated from England to America. She preached the sexual duality of God: masculine manifested by Jesus Christ and feminine manifested by Ann Lee. What sect did she establish in New York State?

. 2) What was the word of God revealed to Joseph Smith that led to his death at the hands of a mob in Carthage, Illinois on June 27, 1844?

. 3) What is the origin of the term "Holy Roller"?

. 4) What newspaper did Mary Baker Eddy found in 1908?

. 5) The followers of what religious leader were known as "Russellites" in his own lifetime?

. 6) Which famous religious publication led to the breakup of a marriage over who would edit it?

(Excerpt from American Miscellany: Religion: Quakers, Shakers, and Other Holy Rollers)

American Miscellany: Religion: Quakers, Shakers, and Other Holy Rollers

Sex: Prostitution

. 1) How many brothels were there in Colonial Williamsburg in 1710?

. 2) In 1670 which city was described as being "filled with prostitutes"?

. 3) What writer coined the term "lady of easy virtue"?

. 4) What writer coined the term "easy woman"?

. 5) From what type of shelters did prostitutes of early Philadelphia ply their trade?

. 6) In the 1830s what river had docked along it "floating brothels"?

. 7) What western city was home to prostitutes named the Galloping Cow, Big Nose Kate, Squirrel-Tooth Alice, and Hambone Jane?

(Excerpt from American Miscellany: Sex: Prostitution)

American Miscellany: Sex: Prostitution

Smoking: Cigarettes

. 1) "Keep 'em smokin'" was a wartime slogan associated with what cigarette and why was it used?

. 2) What cigarette ad proclaimed, "Not a cough in a carload"?

. 3) What was the name of the camel on the Camel cigarette pack during World War I?

. 4) Complete this phrase: "There's never a rough puff in a..."

. 5) What did General John J. Pershing say was needed to win the war in 1917?

. 6) 'Pimp sticks' was a slang term for cigarettes in what year?

(Excerpt from American Miscellany: Smoking: Cigarettes)

American Miscellany: Cigarettes

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