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Doris Lane e-zine is published monthly on the web and by email newsletter. Newsletters are emailed to separate lists according to interest. Topics are Crime Fiction, True Crime Stories, Weird Stories (fiction or non-fiction), and Humor.

Newsletters and Topic Web Pages are promoted to search engines, directories, appropriate lists, and through link exchanges.

Stories are exhibited for one month (or longer at the discretion of the publisher), but author may withdraw the work after one month. Stories are archived after one month and listed on the site with the title, byline, and a short excerpt, followed by the author's links, and a link to the archived material. Archived stories may be withdrawn at the pleasure of the author.

Each story carries links to the author's personal web site or to another site exhibiting work by the same author.

All rights remain with the author.


Please submit stories in the body of an email with the category -- Humor: True Crime: Crime Fiction: Ghost Stories -- followed by the title as the subject line. Below the story, include a brief bio and 2-3 links to your own online work.

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